Why Use a Free Plagiarism Checker Online for Students

plagiarism checker

“Student plagiarism checker” is one of the most searched keywords on the Internet, especially when exam sessions are approaching.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a form of theft of ideas or a copy of an exact structure of thought of another author. The culprit takes the plagiarized content as his work without the creator’s authorization.
Note that plagiarism doesn’t happen only in school, it also occurs in the music world, for example. It can also happen to other forms of art or anything that can be reproduced. Depending on the situations, a judge can decide whether the plagiarized material was copied wittingly or it was an accident. If the judge decides that the culprit is guilty of such an act, he/she will have to pay for damages and copyright.

Why Should a Student Use a Plagiarism Detector?

An essay can also contain signs of plagiarism even if the author didn’t intend to copy anything. This can happen to works that discuss a popular topic, and the main reason it happens is the limiting nature of the language. This is why examiners or supervisors use plagiarism detecting software before and during the examination day. Supervisors use it to check if the student’s work is ready for analysis. This way, they can inform the students if they need to edit some phrases or not.

Some universities punish students who plagiarize even simple essays by giving their piece a low score or by failing them. Other schools punish students by expelling them because plagiarism is a form of theft and it’s a serious act, especially on academic grounds.

Use It at Home Before You Send Your Work to Your Supervisor

Some Universities don’t have the funds to pay for a monthly subscription for a plagiarism checker. So, this is where a free plagiarism checker online for students come in. Most of these online plagiarism checkers are free, and they are easy to use. Note that these free pieces of software don’t check every type of literature like the paid ones, but they do scan your piece and compare it with famous academic works. So it’s better to use it and avoid most of the problems than to take any risks.

How to Use an Online Anti-Plagiarism Tool?

Search online by typing “top free plagiarism checker” in the search engine. Select a couple of sites so you can compare the results from each and every one of them. The more sites you use, the better the scan will be. The main reason for using such a technique is that some websites use a different scanning engine and have access to various libraries. In other words, you maximize the amount of literature your essay is compared to. This way, you also maximize your chances of avoiding plagiarism.

Now, with all of the results combined, you get the feedback you wanted. If you find some phrases that look plagiarized, you can just edit them or restructure the idea. Remember how to rephrase your citations and quotations so that you won’t have any problem with the examiners. Some universities have a threshold for plagiarism. For example, for every thirty pages, you can have up to a maximum of two percent of plagiarized material. And by “plagiarized material” we mean content that you aren’t aware of, and that resembles other pieces of work by pure accident.

It’s best to check your essays using an online plagiarism checker and avoid the consequences. Use the keywords “plagiarism detector for students” in your search engine and find the best checkers to make some comparisons.

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