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  • Have a look at this review of TurninPaper website to understand the quality of its services!

Have a look at this review of TurninPaper website to understand the quality of its services!

TurninPaper services

The nature of my fulltime job does not allow me any free time. It is because of this reason that I have hired several editors to work with me. Recently, I decided to travel for one month. Therefore, assigned my editor the role of a content manager. And because he could not do all the writing and editing by himself, I allowed him to look for some online writing companies that would help him write the content. I was only supposed to call him to confirm if all was in order. While away, he contacted me to inform me that he had hired a company called TurninPaper.com. This is our feedback on TurninPaper.

Great Offers and Prices

I asked my content manager if he was sure the company would help us. In response, he explained that the company was offering copywriting services, standard academic writing and resume services. He further explained that the Turnin Paper site stated that we would receive an offer since we were new clients.

My editor also noted there were some coupon codes for first-time clients and a promo code in case we asked for an additional turn in. That was good news already. I gave my editor the go-ahead of hiring the company.

After contacting them, my editor confirmed that we would receive all the discounts he had seen on the Turnin Paper website. He also informed me that we would be charged $12 per page since we needed a college-level essay. That was a good price. My editor paid for the services through PayPal and notified me.

Timely Delivery but Poor Content

After two weeks or so, my editor contacted me reporting that the company had given the feedback. He said TurninPaper.com had delivered the essay on time but the quality was below average. He further explained that the company had submitted content full of grammatical errors. He noted misuse of phrases, wrong use of words and poor sentence construction. I must say that I was shocked.

I could not concentrate anymore, and I had to travel back. Feeling tired and frustrated, I went to the office where my editor was. Looking at the essay, I could not believe that the same company my editor had told me about had done the essay. I had to browse through the website to confirm.

Unprofessional Website

I was shocked when I landed on TurninPaper.com. To begin with, I could not tell the products that the company was offering. This is because the page was totally disorganized. That to me was a red flag. Nonetheless, I noted that they claimed to offer copywriting services to their clients. On clicking on that service, the page could not load. Together with my editor, we searched through the page to identify if the company was new.

Unsatisfied Customers

We read review after review and we saw that the company was not new. The testimonials were pathetic, and the rating given by other clients was 1-star. It was clear that the company was offering poor services.

I did not find any good reason to ask for a revision. So, we (I and the editor) decided to revise the essay the following day. Looking at the content, we realized that the writer had discussed other points, not what the editor had instructed. That clearly explains that they did not understand the titles given.

Even though they have many offers, their services are very poor and not worth the value they are charging. I would not recommend any client to work with TurninPaper.com. if you don’t believe us, go through the customer reviews and decide for yourself.

TurninPaper review

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